Orifice A is a power trio out of Northern Colorado with seasoned members from all corners of the nation. With influences ranging from obscure bands like Primus, Rush, and the Residents, to the founders of modern music, such as Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, and Cab Calloway, Orifice A has an appreciation for music beyond average, and the balls to completely ignore the fundamentals that bind them.

Scotty Jamjam screeches his guitar like a wounded rabbit in fear of its life. Shredding solos with exceptional tone and playing feedback like a symphony of noise, Scotty borders on obnoxious, but leaves the crowd begging for more. With the stage presence of Kurt Cobain fused with Ted Bundy, Jamjam captivates a crowd into a brainwashed state of chaotic compliance. A style of guitar gripping that is completely original is all that Scotty Jamjam will settle for. If you are looking for the same old chords and scales, then look elsewhere. If you want the jams, then Jamjam is your man.
AB swings his bass to and fro like a madman, and has a style that rivals Les Claypool. A true bass case of the crazies, he continues to pump out bass lines that make you sick to the pit of your stomach. Whether he’s harmonizing falsetto or screaming in the mic like he’s having an aneurysm, AB rules the stage like a king among thieves.

Skippp brings a whole new meaning to HULK SMASH. We call him heavy foot. Skippp is often found running a muck, crushing primitive beats only ever heard by the lesser evolved tribes in the heart of the amazon. Skippp has many styles, from throwing curve ball rhythms in time signatures that would make Peart’s head spin or riding the hi hat with the finesse of a pro surfer. He is true gentle giant, who happens to go through a lot of drum heads.

Who is Orifice A? Three dangerously different individuals, when united, are an unstoppable freight
train derailed from the tracks of rock and roll. The Orifice is on an orderly chaotic path to reinventing sounds one jam at a time.